Whose Is This Exhalation?

Victor Alimpiev: Whose Is This Exhalation?

"Alimpiev's acrobatic flights of fantasy are meant to free our bodies, our movements and sounds from any immediate need and obvious meaning, turning our lives into an otherworldly mating dance or some inscrutable collective ritual" — Massimiliano Gioni (Art critic, Curator at New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; Art director of Trussardi Foundation, Milan; Co-curator of the 4th Berlin Biennial (2006); Co-curator of Manifesta 5 (2004). A permanent boarding member of Manifesta. Co-founder of the Wrong gallery, New York, together with Maurizio Cattelan and Ali Subotnik.)
From May 28 to July 28 "EKATERINA" Cultural Foundation held Victor Alimpiev's first retrospective exhibition "Whose is this Exhalation?". The exhibition provided an overall insight into the artist's painting and the medium's relation to Alimpiev's videos. The show was presented as a kind of dialogue of genres, guiding the audience from painting to video and underscoring their inextricable connection in Alimpiev's oeuvre. A fully illustrated catalogue accompanied the exhibition with an essay by Massimiliano Gioni and conversation between the artist and Anatoly Osmolovsky.
80 pages, 8.66 x 9.84 in, paperback
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